8 Weeks ultrasound

8 Weeks Ultrasound: What You Need To Know

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8 Weeks Ultrasound is done at 8 Weeks pregnancy time.It is the second month of the pregnancy stage which is the critical stage in the development of your baby. Any disturbance from drugs, viruses or environmental factors such as pesticides may cause birth defects. In addition, the eight-week ultrasound is important because it can help to determine if the pregnancy is progressing normally and if the baby is healthy.

If you’re 8 weeks pregnant, your 8 Weeks Ultrasound scan will show how your baby is about the size of a kidney bean and is starting to look more like a human. Your baby’s head makes up about half of their body at this point. You may be able to see their nose and mouth, and their arms and legs are beginning to form. This is an exciting time in your pregnancy!

You may have an ultrasound at this stage in your pregnancy to check on your baby’s development and to look for any potential problems. Ultrasounds are safe for both you and your baby, and they can be a lot of fun to see!

Your baby’s development is very rapid during this stage. By the end of the second month, all of your baby’s major body organs and body systems, including the brain, lungs, liver, and stomach, have begun to develop. 

At the end of the second month of pregnancy, your baby looks like a tiny human infant. If it is a boy, the penis will begin to form. If it is a girl, the vagina begins to form. From the end of the second month the embryo is called a fetus.


By the end of the 8 Weeks (second month), you may begin to feel the prominent pregnancy signs. In response to the increase in estrogen and progesterone levels, the milk ducts in the breasts increase. As a result, the breasts may swell and become tender. You might be experiencing morning sickness or nausea during the day. Don’t be surprised if you undergo some raging mood swings as well. Fatigue is also an issue throughout the first trimester. You may be just a bit more tired than usual, or you may be so exhausted that four-hour naps every afternoon are the rule. you may be waking up several times during the night. As you can see 8 Weeks Ultrasound scan is very important.


In your 8 Weeks Ultrasound scan report, Your unborn baby will be called a fetus. His or her internal organs are already in place and ready for further development. If you have an ultrasound scan, you may see your baby wiggling and waving like mad, but you won’t feel anything yet. An 8 weeks old fetus already has distinct facial features. The fetus is a less than 1inch long (2 centimeters) and still weighs less than a tenth of an ounce (less than 2 grams).

8 Weeks Ultrasound

World Health Organization recommends that women should have eight contacts with a health provider during pregnancy to screen for potential complications and treat problems as they arise including prevention of antepartum stillbirths. Make sure you always ask question about your pregnancy health anytime you need it. You may also ask pregnancy question here

Remember when you visit a doctor for ultrasound scan, you should know that there are two types of pregnancy ultrasound scans :

  1. Transabdominal (TAS)
  2. Transvaginal (TVS)

In Transabdominal scans(TAS), the scan is performed by placing an Ultrasound transducer or probe on the abdomen and moving it around to create images of the developing baby and the surrounding structures.As the ultrasound probe is moving across your abdomen the image of your womb and surrounding organs will be also seen including your developing baby in your womb.

In Transvaginal (TVS), the scan is performed using a small, hand-held probe that is inserted into the vagina. This type of scan is generally used to assess the the womb so as to obtain images of the baby during early pregnancy.

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